Our Vision: The Community and Sports Hub

As well as a playground for kids to play, we have other facilities and a vision for the future
The planned St Tudy Community Sports Hub will provide a range of facilities and a central hub for activity for people of all ages in the area. More than a just a sports hall the building will provide a community kitchen, a room for hire and a dedicated base for the pre - school. 

 It will provide a pre-school facility that will support the growth of the younger generation. The local School will be able to use the kitchen and the sports hall in term –time. 

The new Hub will provide much needed facilities for the Youth Football Club which is supported from both within the parish boundaries and beyond. Showers and a referee’s changing room are being included.  

 The building will be used for community events in the playing field such as the Carnival. Local micro businesses and start - ups will be able to hire the facilities. The Youth Club will have a base for the first time. 
The sports hall will be able to be used for fitness activities for all. The hall will have a badminton court that can be used by the community out of school hours. Interest has already been received by a badminton club and short tennis on a weekly basis by members of the community. 

The new community building is right in the heart of St Tudy with many footpaths that will encourage walkers to meet and then explore the surrounding areas. 

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